Checking or Changing the Settings of This Machine

You can operate the following from the Web page of this machine.

The Web page can be used for Windows and Mac OS X.

  • Displaying the status of the machine

  • Creating a profile

  • Setting a tray, network, default setting of a function, and the machine

  • Displaying a list of jobs

  • Printing a PDF file without using the printer driver

  • Setting auto delivery and transmission data save

  • Linking to frequently-used Web pages


  • Set the security setting for your browser to the middle level, or enable Cookie.

  • To enter the [Admin Setup] menu, the administrator password is required. The factory default password is "999999".

  • To change settings of the machine on the Web page, you must log in as the administrator of the machine.

About how to set a network

Connecting a LAN Cable/USB Cable

Connecting to a Wireless LAN (Only When the Wireless LAN Module is Mounted)

The description uses the following environment as an example.

  • Device name: MC563

  • IP address of the machine:

  1. Open the Web page of this machine.

    Open the Web Page of This Machine

  2. Log in as the administrator.

  3. The following screen is displayed.

    You can check the remaining amount of the consumables, printing counter, and information of network and system of this machine.

You can change settings of this machine from the following tabs.

  • Paper Setup

    You can set a paper size and type for each tray. You can specify the output tray for the copy, scan, print, and fax functions respectively.

  • List

  • Admin Setup

  • Job list

  • Direct Print

  • Transmission Settings

  • Link

  • User Management

  • Account Management