Open the Web Page of This Machine


  • Check whether your browser is set as follows.

  • Set the security setting for the Web page to the middle level, or enable Cookie.

  • To enter the [Admin Setup] menu, the administrator password is required.

  • To change settings of the machine on the Web page, you must log in as the administrator of the machine.

The description uses the following environment as an example.

  • Device name: MC563

  • IP address of the machine:

  1. Start a Web browser.

  2. Enter "http://(The IP address of this machine)" in the address bar, and then press the <Enter> key.

    About the IP Address of this machine, refer to "Printing a Report to Check".


    If the IP address includes a value in one or two digits, do not enter "0" before the value. Communications may not be performed correctly.

    • An example of a correct entry:

    • An example of an incorrect entry: