Log In as the Administrator

To change settings of the machine on the Web browser, you must log in as the administrator of the machine.

  1. Click [Administrator Login].

  2. Enter "admin" in [User Name] and the current password in [Password], and then click [OK].


    • The password is the same as the "administrator password" on the operator panel.

    • The factory default administrator password is "999999". If the administrator password is changed, enter the updated password.

  3. Set the machine information that can be checked on a network, click [OK] or [SKIP].


    • To omit the setting, click [SKIP].

    • To not display from the next login, select the [Do not show this page again.] check box, and then click [OK] or [SKIP].

  4. The following screen is displayed.


    The following items are for developers and not available for general users.

    • Indexed Scan

    • sXP Application

    • OutputManagement