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OKI Launches USB3 Vision-Compliant Slim Connector Cable for Wiring in Confined Spaces

Supporting slimmer dimensions and improved usability of system devices for machine vision

Comparison to conventional USB3 Vision-compliant cable
(new slim connector cable below)

TOKYO, January 14, 2021 -- OKI Electric Cable (President: Kazunari Kobayashi, head office: Kawasaki, Kanagawa), the electric cable business division of the OKI Group, has developed a USB3 Vision-compliant slim connector cable designed for wiring in confined spaces. The product complies with the USB3 Vision standard for use with machine vision(*1) functions in image inspection and other systems. The product will launch in December 2020 with target sales of at least JPY50 million during fiscal 2021.

The USB3 Vision standard is an interface standard established by AIA, the US machine vision industry organization, for machine vision applications based on the USB 3.0 standard. Supporting high-speed transmission up to 5 Gbps, it is ideal for applications demanding real-time image recognition capabilities, including workpiece position detection for industrial robots and visual inspections for semiconductor manufacturing systems, component mounting systems, and printing machinery. Its ease of use and the capacity to connect multiple cameras to a single host PC have led to wide adoption for use in various machine vision industrial systems.

The new USB3 Vision-compliant slim connector cable features a connector (standard A type) of slimmer form on the end connecting to the PC, with maximum thickness reduced from the previous 10.0 mm to 8.5 mm. This reduces interference between adjacent connectors when multiple cables are connected, making it easier to use high-density simultaneous connections with multiple cameras.

The new lineup features three different products to suit applications: a low cost standard product offering outstanding transmission performance; a slender product with diameter approximately 15% smaller than the standard type; and a sliding product offering outstanding durability against movement. All three feature slimmer connectors than the previous USB3 Vision-compliant cable lineup. Cable specifications and transmission distance remain unchanged. In particular, the sliding type incorporates the know-how OKI has accumulated in its experience with robot cable development to ensure reliable transmission, even during movement. The cable is capable of withstanding over 30 million sliding movement cycles, and combines flexibility for easy cable routing with improved ease of use during machine installation and maintenance.

OKI Electric Cable is committed to the development of new machine vision cables to meet the ever-diversifying needs of the future.


  • *1 :Machine vision

    Machine vision refers to systems used to identify visual appearance and printing defects using at least one camera, a light source, imager, and image processing unit for circuit board mounting systems, product label printing machinery, and other applications.

Dimensions (units: mm)

Product lineup

Type Small-diameter type Standard type Sliding type
Wiring application Fixed Moving
Cable color Gray Black
Cable outer diameter (standard) 5.4mm 6.4mm 6.3mm
Connector type Slim standard A + micro B
Connector color Black
Transmission distance Standard(*1) 2m 3m 2m
Maximum(*2) 5m 8m 5m
Durability against motion At least 30 million cycles
(sliding radius = 50 mm)
Typical applications Semiconductor manufacturing systems, printing machinery, mounters, industrial robots, electron microscopes, 3D scanners
  • *1 :The transmission distance (cable length) complies with the USB 3.0 standard. Please consult before using over distances that exceed the standard.
  • *2 :The actual maximum transmission distance will depend on device and usage conditions. We recommend evaluation before actual deployment.

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