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Tamotsu Saito
Date of birth: July 13, 1952

Summary of career

April 1975
Joined Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd (currently IHI Corporation)
June 2006
Executive Officer, Vice President of Aero-Engine & Space Operations, Ishikawajima- Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd
April 2008
Director, Executive Officer, President of Aero-Engine & Space Operations, IHI Corporation
April 2011
Executive Vice President, IHI Corporation
April 2012
President and Chief Executive Officer, IHI Corporation
April 2016
Chairman of the Board, IHI Corporation
June 2017
Outside Director, JAPAN POST INSURANCE Co.,Ltd
June 2018
Outside Director of the Company (current)
June 2020
Senior Counselor, IHI Corporation (current)
June 2021
Outside Director of Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.(current)
June 2022
Outside Director, KAJIMA CORPORATION (current)
April 2023
Chairman, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (current)

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