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History 2020 -

  • OKI and Mimaki Engineering conclude exclusive international sales agreement for OKI Data's wide format inkjet printers
  • OKI develops 8K endoscope optical hybrid cable
  • OKI launches new series of EDM wires featuring roundness of 0.25 microns for all its products
  • "Innovation Strategy" until 2030 announced
  • OKI launches USB3 vision-compliant slim connector cable for wiring in confined spaces
  • OKI launches ultrafine diameter robot cable and ultrafine diameter cable
  • OKI launches cleaning fluid/disinfectant-resistant OH cable for use with food manufacturing equipment
  • OKI, Nagoya University and Rakuten Mobile to begin autonomous networks research and development for autonomous mobile services
  • Honjo Plant H1 building completed as Japan's first "ZEB" certified large-scale production facility
  • New DX Strategy announced
  • OKI and Mipsology deliver fast self-implementation of sophisticated AI on FPGAs

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