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Charter of Corporate Conduct / Code of Conduct

OKI Group Charter of Corporate Conduct / OKI Group Code of Conduct

For the betterment of corporate value, the OKI Group (Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. and members of its group of companies) seeks to provide peace of mind to its customers at all times and to become a trusted partner for our stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, employees, customers and suppliers, and the local societies of the areas in which it operates. This is based on its corporate philosophy, “The people of OKI, true to the company’s enterprising spirit, are committed to creating superior network solutions and providing excellent information and communications services globally to meet the diversified needs of communities worldwide in the information age.”

Based on this understanding, we enacted the OKI Group Charter of Corporate Conduct as a statement of values to be shared by all member companies of the group. In addition, we also established the OKI Group Code of Conduct which is to be conformed to by all executives and employees of the group.
We will continue to make every effort to fulfill our social responsibility based on our corporate philosophy by ensuring that each member of the group complies with the OKI Group Charter of Corporate Conduct and the OKI Group Code of Conduct.

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