Forwarding Received Document Data to an E-mail Destination or Shared Folder (Auto Delivery)

This section describes the auto delivery function and how to set it.

The auto delivery function automatically forwards received data to specified destinations. You can specify up to five e-mail addresses and one network folder as destinations.

You can use this function for received faxes, Internet Faxes, and e-mail attachment files. The data is forwarded as a PDF or TIFF file depending on the file format of the received data.

You can register up to 100 sets of forwarding destinations for the auto delivery function.


The auto delivery function is not available when using the following functions.

  • Reception by using Fcode confidential communication

  • Fax reception using Secure Receive

  1. Open the Web page of this machine.

    Open the Web Page of This Machine

  2. Log in as the administrator.

  3. Select [Transmission Settings].

    You must set a server in advance.

    E-mail Setup

  4. Click [New] on the [Automated Delivery Setup] page.

  5. Enter a name in [Automated Delivery].

  6. Select [ON] for [Automated Delivery].

  7. Select the check box of a required item for [Search field].

  8. Click [Edit] in [Deliver To].

  9. Enter a destination e-mail address, and then click [Add].

  10. Check that the entered address is displayed in [Address List], and then click [OK].

  11. Click [Edit] in [Deliver to].

    To specify a network folder, register a destination (profile) in advance.

    Creating a Shared Folder in a Computer

  12. Select a destination from [Profile List], and then click [OK].

  13. Select [OFF] for [Print].

    To print the received data, select [ON].

  14. Click [Submit].


  • If [Forwarding Setting] is enabled, received faxes are not automatically delivered with this function.

  • A received fax is delivered as a PDF file.

  • If a received e-mail attachment file is not a PDF, JPEG, or TIFF file, the file is not forwarded.

  • The body text of received e-mails cannot be forwarded.

  • The size of data that this function can handle is limited.

  • If the memory card space of the machine is insufficient to save received faxes, Internet Faxes or e-mail attachment files, the transmission data is not automatically delivered.