Registering a Destination (Profile) (Web Page)

  1. Open the Web page of this machine.

    Open the Web Page of This Machine

  2. Log in as the administrator.

  3. Click [List] at the top of the screen.

  4. Click [Profile] on the left side of the screen.

  5. Click [New].

  6. Enter the name of a transmission destination in [Profile Name].

  7. Select [CIFS] for [Protocol] to register a shared folder.

  8. Enter the path of the shared folder that you set on the computer in [Target URL].

  9. Enter the port number to use in [Port Number].

  10. If access privileges are set to the shared folder, enter the user name and password in [User Name] and [Password].

  11. Select [CIFS Character Set] and [Encode Communication] if necessary.

  12. Set [Detail] if necessary.

  13. Click [Submit].