Checking the Accessories

Check that you have everything shown below.

Injury may result.

Lift this machine by 2 persons, because it weighs approximately 23 kg.


Be sure to use the supplied consumables first. If other consumables are used first, the life time may not be shown correctly or supplied consumables may not be applied.

  • Main body

  • Image drum

  • Starter toner cartridge

    The starter toner cartridge is installed in the image drum, which is installed in the machine before shipment.


The starter toner cartridge is not installed in the ES model. Install the toner cartridge that is included in this machine. Refer to "Replacing the Image Drum".

  • Software DVD-ROM

  • Power cord

  • Telephone cable

  • Core


  • LAN cables or USB cables are not included in the package. Prepare the cable that suits your connection environment separately.

  • Packaging and cushioning materials are used when transporting the machine. Do not dispose packaging materials as they may be used in the future.