Setting a Password and Encrypting the Print Data (Encrypted Authentication Print)

You can encrypt your documents before sending them from a computer to this machine. The document is unprinted and saved in an encrypted format in the internal memory of this machine until you enter the registered password on the operator panel. You can prevent unauthorized access to confidential information.


  • If you cannot store the spooled data due to insufficient free space in the internal memory of this machine, a message is displayed to inform you that the file system is full, and the print job is not executed.

  • This function is not available on Mac OS X.

  • You cannot use this function with the poster printing function and the booklet printing function with the Windows PCL printer driver if you share this machine via the print server.

  • When you use this function, clear the [Job Spool] check box.

    Storing Print Data in This Machine before Printing

You can encrypt a file to print. The encrypted data is saved in the memory of this machine. You cannot print the data until you enter the password on the operator panel.

  1. Open the file to print.

  2. Select [Print] from the [File] menu.

  3. Click [Preferences].

  4. Select the [Job Options] tab.

  5. Select [Encrypted Secure Print].

  6. Enter a password in [Password], and then set other settings if necessary.

    For settings of driver screen

    Windows PCL Printer Driver

    Windows PS Printer Driver

  7. Click [OK].

  8. Set other settings if necessary.

    The encrypted and password-protected print job is only sent to this machine, and it is not printed yet.


    The print job saved in the memory is automatically deleted if the printing is complete or not printed for a certain period of time. If an error occurs while sending the data or an unauthorized user attempts to access a job, the job is automatically deleted.

Print an encrypted and password-protected print job saved in the internal memory of this machine.

  1. Press [Print] or the (PRINT) button.

  2. Press [Encrypted Job].

  3. When printing, enter the password that you set on the computer, and then press [OK].

  4. Press [Print].

    Printing starts.

    To cancel the print job, select [Delete].

    All the encrypted jobs with the same password are deleted.