Limiting by Using an IP Address (IP Filtering)

You can control access to the machine by using an IP address. You can set whether to allow for setting or printing from a specified IP address. IP filtering is disabled by factory default.


  • Be sure to specify the correct IP address. An incorrect entry of an IP address does not allow for access to the printer by using the IP protocol.

  • If you enable IP filtering, access to hosts that are not specified in this setting is rejected.

  1. Open the Web page of this machine.

    Open the Web Page of This Machine

  2. Log in as the administrator.

  3. Select [Admin Setup].

  4. Select [Network] > [Security] > [IP Filtering].

  5. Specify detailed settings by following the on-screen instructions.


    • If nothing is registered in [Administrator's IP Address to Register], any access to the machine may not be allowed depending on the specified IP address range.

    • If you use a proxy server, [Your Current Local Host/Proxy IP Address] and the IP address of your host may not match.

  6. Click [Submit].

    The new settings take effect when the network function of this machine restarts.


You can use only IPv4 for IP filtering.