Setting This Machine

To enable IPSec, you must set this machine by using the Web page in advance.


  • If IPsec is set to this machine and the host, IPSec communication is established. If IPSec is not set to the host, IPSec communication is not established.

  • Do not forget to take notes of the values specified in this procedure. These values are necessary when setting IPSec on a computer.

  1. Open the Web page of this machine.

    Open the Web Page of This Machine

  2. Log in as the administrator.

  3. Select [Admin Setup].

  4. Select [Network] > [Security] > [IPSec].

  5. Specify detailed settings by following the on-screen instructions.


    You must enable either [AH] or [ESP] in the [Phase2 Proposal] setting.

  6. Click [Submit].

    The new settings take effect when the network function of this machine restarts.


If you were unable to set up IPSec due to the inconsistency of the parameters that were specified, you cannot access the Web page. In such a case, disable the IPSec from the operator panel of this machine or initialize the network settings.