Setting This Machine as the IPP Printer in a Mac OS X Environment

Add this machine to a computer as an IPP printer.

If you enable IPP print, you can send print data to this machine via the Internet. This section describes how to enable IPP print in a Mac OS X environment.

  1. Insert the "Software DVD-ROM" into the computer, and then install the driver.

    Installing Software

  2. Select [System Preferences] from the Apple menu.

  3. Click [Print & Scan].

  4. Click [+].

  5. Click the [IP] tab.

  6. Select [IPP (Internet Printing Protocol)] from [Protocol].

  7. Enter the IP address of this machine in [Address].

  8. Enter "ipp/lp" in [Queue].

  9. Click [Add].

  10. Click [Continue].

  11. Check that the machine is registered in [Print & Scan].