Setting This Machine as the IPP Printer in a Windows Environment

Add this machine to your computer as an IPP printer.

If you enable IPP print, you can send print data to this machine via the Internet. This section describes how to enable IPP print in a Windows environment.

  1. Click [Start], and then select [Devices and Printers] > [Add a Printer].

  2. Select [Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer] in the [Add Printer] wizard.

  3. Select [The printer that I want isn't] from the list of available printers.

  4. Select [Select a shared printer by name].

  5. Enter "http://(The IP address of this machine)/ipp" or "http://IP address of this machine)/ipp/lp", and then click [Next].

  6. Click [Have Disk].

  7. Insert the "Software DVD-ROM" into the computer.

  8. Enter the following value in [Copy manufacturer's files from], and then click [Use].

    • For PCL driver: "D:Drivers_PCL"

    • For PS driver: "D:DriversPS"

    • For XPS driver: "D:DriversXPS"


    The above value is an example of the DVD-ROM drive is set to the D drive.

  9. Select the INF file, and then click [Open].

  10. Click [OK].

  11. Select a model, and then click [OK].

  12. Click [Next].

  13. Select [Finish].

  14. Print the test page after installation is complete.