Printing with AirPrint (Print)

Before using AirPrint with Mac OS X, register this machine on the computer.

Registering the Machine in a Computer (Mac OS X)

  1. Open a file.

  2. Tap (Action).

  3. Tap (Print).

    The name of the printer model that you used most recently and exists on the same network is displayed.


    If you print for the first time and any model name other than this machine is displayed, select this machine in step 4.

  4. Tap [Printer] to select your machine.

    The functions that this machine supports are displayed.

  5. Set options.

  6. Tap [Print].

  1. Open a file.

  2. Select [Print] from the [File] menu.

  3. Select [OKI-MC563-******] from [Printer].

  4. Set options.

  5. Click [Print].