Printer Problems on a Windows PC


  • If you cannot solve a problem with the following solutions, contact your dealer.

  • For problems caused by an application, contact the manufacturer of the application.

USB Connection Problems




An icon for the machine is not created on the [Devices and Printers] folder.

The printer driver is not installed correctly.

Reinstall the printer driver correctly.

Installing a Driver and Software to a Computer

When a printer driver is already installed, another printer driver cannot be installed.

Perform [Custom Install] by following the procedure described in the reference.

Installing Software

The [Unable to install printer driver] error message is displayed.

Use Plug-and-Play. Follow the procedure below:

1. Check that the machine and computer are turned off.

2. Connect a USB cable.

3. Turn on the machine.

4. Turn on the computer.

5. When the [Found New Hardware Wizard] is displayed, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.


Printer Driver/Utility Problems



[Help] is not displayed.

The Help function is not supported.

The [User Account Control] dialog is displayed.

When you start an installer or utility, the [User Account Control] dialog may be displayed. Click [Yes] or [Continue] to run the installer or utility as the administrator. If you click [No], the installer or utility does not start.

The [Program Capability Assistant] dialog is displayed.

If the [Program Capability Assistant] dialog is displayed after installation (including if you stop installation before it is complete), be sure to click [This program installed].