Installing Software

Install the utility you want to use by following the procedure below.

Install utility software by using the Software DVD-ROM.

  • PCL6 Printer Driver

  • PS Printer Driver

  • XPS Printer Driver

  • OKI LPR Utility

  • Color Correct Utility

  • Color Swatch Utility

  • PS Gamma Adjuster Utility

  • Configuration Tool

  • PDF Print Direct

  • Print Job Accounting Client

Connect the machine to a computer via a network or USB interface.


Check the status of this machine before installing.

  • This machine is turned on.

  • This machine is connected to a network with a network cable and the IP address or other settings are set.

  1. Insert the "Software DVD-ROM" into a computer.

  2. When [AutoPlay] is displayed, click [Run Setup.exe].


    If the [User Account Control] dialog is displayed, click [Yes].

  3. Select a language from the drop-down list.

  4. Read the license agreement, and then click [Accept].

  5. Read Environmental advice for Users and click [Next].

  6. Select [Network] or [USB] corresponding to your connection environment, and then click [Next].

    If the [Windows Security Alert] dialog is displayed, click [Allow access].

  7. Select the model name of this machine, and then click [Next].

  8. Click [Custom Install].

  9. Click [Separate Install].

  10. Click a driver or software to install.

    Installation starts.


    The procedure below varies depending on the selected software.

    The installation of the Configuration Tool is used as an example.

  11. Select plug-ins you want to install and click [Install].

    Install starts.

  12. When installation is complete, click [Close].

You can copy a utility by dragging to any location. You can also run a utility directly from the "Software DVD-ROM".

  1. Insert the included "Software DVD-ROM" into a computer.

  2. From [OKI] > double-click the [Utilities] folder.

  3. Copy the folder of a utility to install by dragging to any location.


To start utility software, double-click the software icon in the folder.