Replacing the Belt Unit

When the "Belt Unit Near Life" message appears on the display screen, prepare a replacement belt unit. You can keep printing approximately 1,000 pages until the next message appears.

When the "Change Belt Unit" message appears, replace the belt unit.

The life expectancy of the belt unit is approximately 60,000 pages for A4 simplex printing (three pages per job).


  • The actual number of pages you can print with the belt unit depends on how you use it.

  • Though opening and closing the output tray may extend the life of the belt unit somewhat, you should replace it soon after the "Change Belt Unit" is displayed to prevent malfunction.

  • If you replace the belt unit, use it until the end of its usable life. If you remove the belt unit and install and use another one before its usable life has expired, the use life will not be correctly displayed.

  • When the [Device Settings] > [Admin Setup] > [Manage Unit] > [System Setup] > [Near Life LED] is set to [Disable] on the touch panel, the [Belt Unit Near Life] message does not appear.

  • The image drum (the green tube) is very delicate. Handle it carefully.

  • Do not expose the image drum to direct sunlight or very bright interior light (approximately more than 1,500 lux). Even under the normal interior light, do not leave it for more than 5 minutes.


You can change the setting for displaying the "Belt Unit Near Life" message. Set from [Device Settings] > [Admin Setup] > [User Install] > [Belt Near Life Timing] on the touch panel. Available values are from 500 to 3,000 (in 500 increments).

  1. Prepare a replacement belt unit.

  2. Press the open button (A) and open the output tray (a).

    Possible to get burned.

    The fuser unit is extremely hot. Do not touch it.

  3. Take all the four image drums out of the machine, and then place them on a flat surface.


    While removing the image drum, be careful not to hit it to the LED head.

  4. Cover the image drums you took out with paper so that the image drums do not expose to the light.

  5. Turn the lock levers (b) on the both sides of the belt unit forward to unlock.

  6. Remove the belt unit by holding the lock lever (b).

  7. Hold the lock levers (b) of a new belt unit and place the belt unit into the machine.

  8. Turn the lock levers (b) on the both sides of the belt unit backward.

  9. Return all the four image drums to the machine.


    While setting the image drum, be careful not to hit it to the LED head.

  10. Close the output tray (a) slowly and push the center of the tray for confirmation.


    Do not touch the LED head when closing the output tray.

  11. Please recycle belt unit.


    If you must dispose of a belt unit, put it in a plastic bag or similar container and dispose of it in accordance with your municipality's ordinances or guidelines.