Replacing the Image Drum and Toner Cartridge at the Same Time

This section describes how to replace the image drum and toner cartridge with new ones at the same time.


  • Use extra care when handling the image drum (the green cylinder), because it is fragile.

  • Do not expose the image drum to direct sunlight or strong light (approximately 1,500 lux or more). Do not leave the image drum for 5 minutes or more even under room light.

  1. Prepare new image drum and toner cartridge.

  2. Press the button (A) and open the output tray (a) completely.

    Burns may result.

    The fuser unit is extremely hot. Do not touch it.

  3. Identify an empty toner cartridge by its label color.

  4. Remove the image drum (b) from the machine and place it on a flat surface.


    While removing consumables, be careful not to hit them to the LED head.

    Burns may result.

    Never throw a used image drum or toner cartridge into a fire. They may explode, and the toner inside may fly off and cause burns.

  5. Unpack a new image drum and place it on the flat surface.

  6. Remove the desiccant pack.

  7. Remove the toner cover.

  8. Unpack a new toner cartridge.

  9. Shake the cartridge several times vertically and horizontally.

  10. Remove the tape (c) from the toner cartridge.

  11. Insert a new toner cartridge (d) by aligning its left side indentation (e) with the protrusion (f) on the image drum so that the toner cartridge and image drum color label align. Then insert the right side gently into place.


    For the installation method, refer to "Replacing the Toner Cartridges".

  12. Hold the cartridge, pinch the tip of blue lever (g) of the toner cartridge, and turn forward until the tip aligns on the lug of the cartridge.


    If you close the output tray without turning the blue lever when installing the toner cartridge into the image drum, it may cause a malfunction. Be sure to turn the blue lever until its top aligns on the lug in the back of the toner cartridge.

  13. Check a label color of a new image drum and place the drum into the machine.


    While setting consumables, be careful not to hit them to the LED head.

  14. Close the output tray (a) slowly and push the center of the output tray for confirmation.

  15. Please recycle image drums and toner cartridges.


    If you must dispose of an image drum, put it in a plastic bag or similar container and dispose of it in accordance with your municipality's ordinances or guidelines.