Paper Storage

Store paper under the following conditions to maintain quality.

  • Inside a cabinet or other dry and dark place

  • On a flat surface

  • Temperature: 20℃

  • Humidity: 50% RH (relative humidity)

Do not store paper in the places as shown below:

  • Directly on the floor

  • Where paper is exposed to direct sunlight

  • Near the inside of an exterior wall

  • On an uneven surface

  • Where static electricity may be generated

  • Where temperature excessively rises high and temperature rapidly changes

  • Near this machine, an air conditioner, a heater, or duct


  • Do not unwrap paper until just before you use.

  • Do not leave paper unwrapped for a long period. Doing so may result in printing problems.

  • Depending on the print media, environment, storage conditions, the print quality may deteriorate or printout may get curled