How can I get a COREFIDO 5 Year Warranty?

Customers that purchase an eligible OKI device (OKI MC700+ Color MFP Series (MC770+, MC770+ Wireless, MC780+, MC780f+, and MC780fx+), OKI MB700+ Monochrome MFP Series (MB760+, MB760+ Wireless, MB770+, MB770f+, and MB770fx+), OKI MC873dn Color MFP configurations (MC873dn, MC873dnc and MC873dnx) and OKI C831 Series (C831n and C831dn) can upgrade from the standard 12 months warranty to the COREFIDO 5 year warranty by registering their device within 90 days of purchase at 


I heard that the COREFIDO Program is being cancelled. I recently purchased an eligible device because of the COREFIDO program. Will I still be able to register for the 5 year warranty?

Yes. Although the COREFIDO program will be cancelled on August 31, 2017, customers who have purchased a COREFIDO-eligible device will still have until November 30, 2017 (90 days) to register their product for the COREFIDO warranty. Please note that OKI will not accept registrations after November 30, 2017.


Can I still recycle the consumables from my COREFIDO-registered device after the program is cancelled?

Yes. Although no new registrations will be accepted after November 30, 2017, existing COREFIDO customers can continue to recycle their genuine OKI toner and image drums at no charge for the remainder of the warranty term.


How can I confirm when my warranty is due to expire if I do not have the warranty certificate on hand?

Once you have registered your eligible OKI device for COREFIDO, you can check the time remaining on your warranty by logging back into and clicking on “Review Registered Products”. There you will also find the day your warranty began and the expiration date. For non-COREFIDO registered product, contact 1-800-OKI-DATA or send an email to for assistance. 


Does the COREFIDO 5 year warranty also apply to options?

OKI Warranties including COREFIDO include any OKI factory option that are attached to the OKI Monochrome and Color Multifunction eligible devices.


Does COREFIDO cover on-site service or do products need to be sent back to a depot?

The COREFIDO program provides national service support with 5 years of on-site service including free parts (excluding toners and image drums) and labor when necessary for eligible registered devices.


Who do I contact if I have a service issue?

In the unlikely event that you have a service issue, simply call 1-800-OKIDATA (1-800-654-3282). 


What if I need to speak with someone on the weekend regarding an issue with my COREFIDO device?

No problem, OKI Data Customer Service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to help you with any question or problem you might be experiencing.


Once the COREFIDO 5 year warranty expires, am I still able to get break/fix services?

Once your 5 year COREFIDO warranty expires, OKI Data will be happy to refer you to a local servicing dealer either by phone or by using our online dealer locator tool: 


Where can an end user find the postage paid shipping labels for recycling their consumables and maintenance items?

Free postage paid shipping labels for recycling toner, drums and maintenance items are included in your welcome kit and can also be downloaded at


How do I edit my COREFIDO registration information?

When you log in to the COREFIDO program it opens to a confirmation screen and you may edit or change your information at that time. 

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