Textile Printing

Textile printing is a $7 billion and growing market, and digital textile printing is an increasingly popular alternative to direct-to-garment, screen, and vinyl applications.  Now you can claim your share of this lucrative business – offering new services and growing your sales.  It’s possible with transfer printing technology from OKI.

OKI printers yield vibrant, high-quality heat transfers easily and cost-effectively. Our white toner technology with solid opacity plus CMY color produces color transfers for light and dark apparel, hard goods, promotional merchandise and more.  We reduce manual steps, set-up costs, and simplify the media selection process.

OKI has solutions ideally suited to short-run transfers, personalized and decorated products, stationery, banners and signage.  We offer super-bright fluorescent colors that stand out in regular light – and glow in black light – on transfer media.

OKI workhorse printers deliver cost-efficient transfer output for a wide range of media sizes and weights, and for various run volumes, with exceptional tray capacities and print speeds.  The addition of white toner supports direct imaging to fabric and is perfect for signage and films that require white.  So you can print in-house – what you need and when you need it.

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