Retail businesses are undergoing a significant transformation. To stay competitive, retailers need to redefine the customer’s in-store experience, making it richer and more immersive.

Experience the Future of Print

OKI is leading the industry into the next generation of print. OKI Connected Print offers dynamic print solutions to unlock the true potential of print as a business tool in the digital age. Everyday OKI is helping customers transform ordinary, static print into rich, immersive and engaging customer experiences. Connected Print connects and extends the customer’s in-store experience from print to additional online content for meaningful engagements that allow business owners to generate ROI and save money. OKI Connected Print is built on the reputation of OKI’s high-quality, versatile, commercial grade printers. 

OKI’s managed services and custom solutions complete an end-to-end solution offering.

Imagine the Possibilities. 

Explore more about the future of print. Download our white paper to learn about connected print. An emerging trend that is changing the perception of how retailers use print in the digital age.

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