Promotional Products

Promotional products are a $20 billion business in the U.S., and that lucrative market continues to grow.  Now you can claim a share of the booming promotional goods sector, with cost-effective in-house printing for textile, ceramic, plastic and metal surfaces.  

High-quality in-house Print on Demand allows you to decorate, customize and personalize a vast range of items.  So you can expand your creative opportunities, and keep satisfied customers coming back.   

The good news is:  Short run printing technology has improved dramatically.  

Smaller-volume color transfer systems open a whole new market for local sales of personalized of T-shirts, bags, mugs, customized stationery and other gift and promotional items.  White toner technologies let you achieve solid opacity plus CMY color for transfers to light or dark apparel.  Super-bright florescent colors look great in regular light and produce an impressive glow in black light.

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