ColorPainter Graphics Printers

Optimize your print output with media profiles

Get the best from your ColorPainter™ printer with Media Profiles at your fingertips.

Generate the best quality output from your ColorPainter printer!

Visit OKI’s Media Profiles database and access over 14,000 free media profiles to help you set up your ColorPainter printer with the correct media and color management settings for different media types across a wide range of media suppliers.

The profile database has an easy-to-use search function to help you navigate to the most suitable profile to meet your needs by choosing your printer model, RIP and media manufacturer.

Profiles have been developed by media manufacturers who are qualified to get the most from their media and OKI’s ColorPainter printers, providing the graphics you desire whether it’s vivid color or a more natural application.

Why register?

  • Get online access to your download history; insight and access to earlier profile downloads
  • Have access to the technical settings of color profiles
  • Access to the latest information and updates about color profiles, if desired

Why color profiles?

  • A profile is essential to optimize the color match between printer and material
  • A profile provides the assurance that you attain the highest quality result from your printer and material
  • A profile minimizes the possibility of false prints, saving ink and media usage

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