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How do I recycle my consumables?

Recycle with OKI

Consumables Recycling

We’re passionate about providing quality printing solutions for your business, but we also take our commitment to being an environmentally friendly business seriously.

That's why we are delighted to confirm that the total amount of collected OKI consumables that is actually recycled is an impressive...

OKI toner recycling
OKI environmental commitment
From starting and funding initiatives encouraging OKI customers to return devices and consumables to using more and more recycled materials in our packaging, we’re always working to reduce our impact on the planet.
Disposing of toner cartridges
Since 2004, our consumable returns programme has arranged for the safe and effective recycling of thousands of our customers’ used OKI toner cartridges, preventing toner from entering the environment and keeping plastic out of landfill sites.

What happens to recycled OKI consumables?

Used toner cartridges are cleaned, taken apart and turned into useful items like garden furniture.
Even the leftover toner in an old cartridge isn’t wasted; it’s extracted and the vibrant pigment is used to make exterior paint for covering buildings, zoning areas or recreational spaces.

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