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Citroën Nordic speeds up promotions with OKI’s Managed Print Services

About the company


Citroën is a French automobile manufacturer with operations across the globe. Founded in 1919, the company has since become a giant within the automotive industry, with a global turnover of over €54 billion  and countless awards attached to its name. Citroën’s many vehicles can  be seen on roads and in showrooms across the world, including its 200 dealerships and workshops located throughout Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Faroe Islands.

The challenge

When the time came to roll out its marketing campaigns, there was a clear  lack of efficiency within Citroën Nordic’s dealerships. The company had become frustrated with the amount of time it would typically take for a promotional campaign to be executed within stores, which would often result in substantial downtime occurring between the official, national launch of these campaigns  and the time individual dealerships would be prepared to begin promoting them to customers. 

It would often take several weeks for point-of-sale materials to arrive at individual dealerships – sometimes they would even arrive too late to be of any actual use. As a result, a significant percentage of this material would not even find its way onto the sales floor. 

Even when promotional materials did arrive on time, they were usually non-customisable. Additionally, the amount of time employees were required to spend hanging posters and banners on the sales floor was deemed to be counterproductive for the overall business.

The solution

OKI contacted Citroën Nordic with a solution, promising to reduce its costs and time to market while also increasing their total sales.

In terms of hardware, the solution Citroën Nordic chose included several OKI devices, such as a C830/831 colour printer for each branch and several MC8 and ES84 Series multi-function printers (MFPs). The solution also included the use of third-party software, banner media and specially-designed third-party stands to enable product, price and promotional information to be displayed next to particular vehicle models on the sales floor.

The benefits

Thanks to OKI’s solution, Citroën Nordic is now able to align its individual in-store promotions to its national campaigns, without any delays. The range of elements included in the solution also helped to make the dealer’s job simple, professional and extremely convenient.
“Our dealers know their customers, and therefore are best positioned to be aware of their requirements,” says Jesper Kristoffersen, marketing director at Citroën. “The ability for them to customise our sales and marketing promotions have proven to be an essential competitive parameter.”
The company’s existing web-based marketing solution from IXMAL, MarketingNet, which was being used to generate its advertisements, was modified to produce in-store banners as well. Combined with OKI’s colour printers and MFPs, this made all centrally-designed signage available to be used immediately in the dealerships, enabled by easy-to-use one-click printing. These banners ensure the visibility of key model information, even from outside the dealership, enticing those interested to come in and take a look.
Citroën’s in-house print concept enabled its dealers to quickly and easily create high-quality point-of-sale material on a wide variety of ad-hoc media. This in-house solution also included centrally-defined templates, allowing staff to fully customise the material they were using, in conjunction with the brand and design guidelines laid out by Citroën’s head office.
Purpose-designed and easy-to-install stands completed the solution. These enable staff to quickly replace banners by simply removing the old material and sliding in the new, freshly printed one. They can also host model brochures and spec sheets within the custom-made pouches.

The future

In their six years of working with OKI, Citroën Nordic has made significant achievements.

Campaign and promotion deployment time has decreased – from the original three to five weeks – to its current one day, enabling the in-store portion of the company’s marketing campaigns to be aligned with its online, TV, radio and print portions.

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