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ColorPainter H3-104s

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Combining fast print speeds with superior image quality, colour density and durable design, the large format ColorPainter H3-104s is ideal for high-volume professional graphics printing across a broad range of indoor and outdoor print applications using the same premium ink.


The ColorPainter H3-104s is engineered for efficient high-volume professional graphic arts printing. Using low odour SX ECO solvent inks which offer a high level of durability, superior image quality, colour density and excellent outdoor stability, the ColorPainter H3-104s prints to a maximum print width of 2.63m addressing a broad range of indoor and outdoor print requirements.

High image quality - Enhanced print technologies combined with high-density, high quality and high-durability. GREENGUARD Gold Certified ECO ink and evaluated to use for Nordic Swan Ecolabel printouts.

The ColorPainter H3-104s uses low odour, ECO solvent SX inks that retain deep, rich colour and provide clarity in dark areas, making them ideal for signs and graphics. Along with high visual impact and optimum image quality, the high density inks also provide excellent outdoor durability.

  • Low odour ECO SX ink is GREENGUARD Gold Certified and evaluated to use for Nordic Swan Ecolabel printouts, for outstanding image quality on indoor applications
  • Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP) technology optimises dot size and density for consistently high quality even at high speeds
  • Grey and light grey SX ink together with black delivers sharp monochrome images without colour shifts and produces smooth graduation, lighter shadows and metallic appearance

Quick print speeds - Industrial high frequency greyscale printheads, fast high quality results, quick drying system

Combining a maximum print speed of up to 56.6m²/h with industrial high frequency greyscale printheads, the ColorPainter H3-104s is ideal for high volume print environments and high quality print requirements.

  • Industrial printheads deliver reliable high speed printing with precise constant drop control
  • Printhead warranty is valid under the printer 3 year warranty without nozzle shot restriction
  • Top speeds of up to 56.6m²/h with 8 colours on banner with perfect print results
  • Excellent image quality on PVC even up to 25.1m²/h on several different vinyl brands
  • Excellent media feed for fast printing and precise winding

Innovative features - Smart Nozzle Mapping 3 and Smart Pass 4 technology, auto media feed and bi-directional adjustments.

The ColorPainter H3-104s combines a range of innovative features designed to boost productivity for 24/7 use.

  • Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP) technology optimises dot size and density for each print mode, accentuating fine details and delivering rich, bold, glossy colours in all print modes
  • Smart Pass 4 (SP4) technology eliminates pass-to-pass banding for improved print quality at high speeds and on various substrates
  • Smart Nozzle Mapping 3 (SNM2) technology re-maps clogged nozzles to reduce downtime, extend the life of the printhead and boost productivity without impacting speed and quality
  • Safe Scanning System (SSS) extends the lifetime of the printhead and protects against media cockling (rippling)

Proven reliability – Purpose-built for high-volume print environments, industrial media winding system for 24/7 use, save scanning system protects printheads

Purpose built for demanding, high volume print requirements, the ColorPainter H3-104s features a high durability media feeding system and mesh print ink tray, enabling printing on a mesh banner without a liner. Robust total printer design for 24/7 uptime, CP Manager software and auto-print adjustment make the long-lasting device easy to use and manage.

  • Auto adjustment – optical RGB sensors automatically perform media feed and bi-directional position adjustment for different media and print mode to store in printer and CP control software
  • CP Manager printer control software makes it possible to monitor and operate the printer from a PC, tablet or smartphone and get updates via Twitter
  • Large capacity ink bags (1500ml) and 400ml sub-tank system so ink can be replenished without interrupting print jobs
  • Professional roll to roll winding system with precise media feed for weights up to 120kgs

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