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ColorPainter M-64s

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Built to produce high quality creative printing and address the diverse requirements of the outdoor signage and indoor graphics industries, all with the same premium ink. The versatile, large format ColorPainter M-64s combines high quality, high density, high durability results with fast print speeds of up to 66.5 m²/h.

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Fast, precise and reliable, the large-format ColorPainter M-64s meets growing demand for high quality and productivity in the outdoor signage and indoor graphics markets. Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP) controls and the Smart Pass 4 (SP4) dot control algorithm enable high-density printing and superior image quality while an advanced media take-up unit makes it easier to print heavier banners.

High quality images – Smart dot control algorithm creates rich, bold, glossy colours for superior indoor and outdoor applications

The ColorPainter M-64s features Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP) technology together with Smart Pass 4 (SP4) technology, delivering consistently rich, bold, glossy colours with fine details throughout. An in-built production unit provides added flexibility for professional users.

  • Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP) technology optimises dot size and density for consistently high quality even at high speeds
  • Smart Pass 4 (SP4) technology dot control algorithm control delivers superior image quality for skin tones, grey shadows and smooth gradients in pastel shades
  • 7-colour model features additional grey for smoother monochrome printing without colour shift at different lightings, creating detailed results in dark shaded areas
  • Industrial high-frequency greyscale print heads deliver precise constant drop control
  • Newly-developed SX ink designed for high quality print results
  • Poster prints on white or photo paper with a photo-realistic glossy print and full, bright colour gamut
  • The colour density will be stable and constant from high quality up to top speed print mode

Fast results – High speed device for productive graphics printing with high density photo-realistic print

Developed specifically to address growing demand for high quality and productivity in the outdoor signage and indoor graphics industries, the ColorPainter M-64s delivers fast, precise, quality printing at speeds of up to 66.5m²/h.

  • Industrial high frequency greyscale print heads deliver reliable high speed printing. Including 3 years warranty without nozzle shot restrictions.
  • Top print speeds on banners of up to 66.5 m²/h with high quality results
  • Excellent image quality on PVC even at 33.1 m²/h on several different brands
  • Low odour eco-solvent SX ink enables high speed printing and outstanding images
  • Vehicle wrapping capability with perfect stretch behaviour on any kind of vinyl. Ideal for 3D wrapping on difficult grounds on cars, large vehicles and trains

Versatile technology – High quality indoor and long life outdoor applications with optional outdoor warranty extension up to 7 years. GREENGUARD Gold Certified ECO ink and evaluated to use for Nordic Swan Ecolabel printouts

The ColorPainter M-64s prints continuously from roll to roll and has an easy feeding function, making it ideal for printing a wide range of indoor and outdoor signs, banners and wraps. An active ionizer eliminates electrostatic during printing while the media lifter (jack-up function) assists with the easy loading and unloading of heavy media up to 50kg.

  • Smart Pass 4 (SP4) technology dot control algorithm eliminates banding without any loss of quality even at maximum print speeds
  • Low odour ECO SX ink is GREENGUARD Gold Certified and evaluated to use for Nordic Swan Ecolabel printouts, for outstanding image quality on indoor applications
  • Media lifter for easy loading and unloading at take-up and feeding side even with 64” banner
  • High torque winder takes media to the end of the roll and enables roll-to-roll printing of a complete roll of different kinds of media at full width
  • Straightforward removal of the printed roll for easy handling in XY poster cutter and other finishing machines
  • Backlit material with full bright colour and strong black contrast in high density highlights details in dark areas even after lightning up the media
  • Reproduce deeply textured murals and oil paintings on canvas media with bright colours
  • Print on a wide range of media including wallpaper, clear film, textiles, window graphics and other interior media. Ultra-high ink pigmentation creates colourful results with bright and opaque colour gradients
  • An active switchable ionizer is able to neutralize electrostatic charging automatically during printing, for perfect results on electrostatic sensitive media

Easy and reliable – Mechanical nozzle guard protects print head, automatic media feed and bi-directional print adjustment, printer communication via Twitter

Combining Smart Nozzle Mapping 3 (SNM3) advanced dot control algorithm with printer control software, automatic print adjustment and airflow system, the precise, reliable ColorPainter M-64s is easy to use, reliable and delivers excellent results.

  • Printer calibrations including media feeding and bi-directional adjustment can be carried out automatically for easier printing
  • Smart Nozzle Mapping 3 (SNM3) advanced automatic dot control algorithm that compensates the missing dots when nozzle clogging occurs
  • SNM3 is able to map up to 10 nozzles each color total up to 70 nozzles each printer without reducing speed or quality
  • CP Manager printer control software provides printing status and delivers error and warning messages on the printer display, PC software or as a Tweet to mobile devices
  • Air Flow System dries ink fast, in-built long heater accelerates drying and ensures safe winding at take-up unit in all print modes
  • Printhead warranty is valid under the printer 3 year warranty without nozzle shot restriction

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