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Shu Watanabe

Vice President Industry Print, OKI Europe Ltd

Shu Watanabe
Shu Watanabe is Vice President Industry Print, OKI Europe Ltd. Watanabe’s focus is on achieving the business targets for the Industry Print division including revenue and profit and driving sales and marketing initiatives to help achieve this.
Watanabe is keen to actively promote the Industry Print business and he plans to increase focus on key markets with a highly-targeted approach to attract and engage niche businesses.  He also intends to spend more time with customers to understand their pain points and to ensure that OKI continues to meet their needs.

Watanabe joined OKI in 2015, following its acquisition of the wide format division of Seiko I Infotech Inc (SIIT). At Seiko he was part of the project team delivering a new printer platform, developing the highly successful ColorPainter M-64s. Watanabe held a variety of posts in sales, marketing and management at Seiko in EMEA and the Americas and was manager for the post merger Integration. Previous to this, he started his career at Kodenshi Corp, a manufacturer of optical semiconductor devices in Kyoto, Japan, where Watanabe was responsible for sales in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Western Europe, and successfully won several business projects in Asia.

Watanabe’s business philosophy is built around focusing on end customers’ pain points and offering solutions that address them. His leadership style centres around collaboration, working together with his team, listening to their suggestions and guiding them in line with the company strategy. Watanabe says he is continually excited by OKI’s ongoing innovations that challenge traditional print processes and make a difference to end customers – especially the organisation’s unique innovations in LED technology including printing in white and five colours, on demand.

He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kansai Gaidai University, Japan and outside of work enjoys following the LA Lakers basketball team. He is also interested in aviation and road biking.

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