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Shigeru Ogasawara

Vice President Finance, OKI Europe Ltd

Shigeru Ogasawara
Shigeru Ogasawara is Vice President, Finance at OKI Europe Ltd. In his role, Ogasawara provides financial advice to the Senior Management Team on strategic decisions to ensure the business remains strong and profitable. His key objectives in this role include ensuring the company complies with financial regulations while achieving business objectives and targets. He also helps to ensure that OKI continues to provide a good working environment.

Ogasawara’s business philosophy and leadership style focuses on listening and working collaboratively as he believes that together it’s easier to overcome challenges.

He joined the OKI group in 1989 following his graduation and has held a number of different finance roles within OKI Electric (Switchboard and Semiconductor business), OKI Electric HQ (Treasury department), OKI Data (Accounting Manager) and OKI Europe.  His first experience working within OKI Europe was in 1991 when he transferred from Japan as a trainee, initially for just one year but this was extended to three years.

During his long tenure as part of the OKI family, Ogasawara has enjoyed many successes. As part of OKI Electric he was responsible for the merger of four subsidiaries into one organisation. He has also undertaken several projects focusing on productivity and cost efficiency, including a procurement project for the Marketing team in Japan which resulted in significant savings that were re-invested in highly successful TV commercials. Ogasawara also oversaw the consolidation of all regional sales operations under OKI Europe as one single legal entity, which was completed in January 2018. He continues to feel excited and inspired by OKI’s ongoing technological evolution. He says that innovation is what drives OKI as a business. 

Ogasawara has a degree in Russian Literature and majored in the Russian Economy at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. He is interested in art and films, particularly linked to Russia, and is a  keen golfer.

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