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Chiharu Asai

Vice President Corporate Planning, OKI Europe Ltd

Chiharu Asai

Chiharu Asai is Vice President Corporate Planning at OKI Europe Ltd. In this role, her principal responsibilities include General Administration, Business Control, Legal and Compliance, and HR Management. Her core objectives are ensuring OKI continues to build a company of strong, motivated staff, and creating a healthy, pro-active and stable work environment.

Asai joined the Marketing Communications team at OKI Electric in 1990 and has been part of the OKI global family ever since. She has held several roles in sales and marketing across different geographies and business groups, including supporting sales companies in each region, product launches, event support, market analysis and business development. Having worked in both OKI Electric and OKI Data Corporation for several years, Asai joined OKI Europe’s Sales & Marketing team in 2018.

Over her tenure at OKI, Asai’s main successes include developing the business for VOIP and IP BPX in Europe, based in OKI’s Düsseldorf office, and, as Managing Director of OKI Data Singapore, where she was responsible for South East Asia including Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand where customer needs and approaches to business are very different in each of these markets, and Asai believes this experience will prove very useful for the EMEA region.

Asai is excited by OKI’s long history of innovation and the geographical coverage, providing the opportunity to learn about the local cultures and diverse business approaches and challenges as part of the OKI family. She credits these opportunities and the organisation’s support and encouragement with helping to develop her career.

Asai believes staff need to work pro-actively and productively to generate success, and that this is only achievable if they are motivated, so it’s important to provide people with the right work environment, opportunities and support to pursue their goals. As such, her leadership style centres around ensuring team members understand what is expected of them and what they can do to help meet OKI’s business objectives. She believes in a collaborative approach, ensuring teams spend time with their counterparts in each country to build stronger relationships to support the business.

Asai completed a business degree at Sophia University, which is the oldest catholic university in Japan and was the only university in the country where teaching was conducted in English. In her spare time, she likes to work on improving her golf technique and enjoys exploring England’s parks and experiencing the country’s wildlife.

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