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OKI Group Code of Conduct

The OKI Group (Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.) and members of its affiliated companies is committed to providing great customer satisfaction at all times and to become a trusted partner for all stakeholders.  This includes shareholders and investors, employees, customers, suppliers, and local communities within the areas in which it operates. In addition to complying with all related laws and regulations, the OKI Group will continue to embrace positive corporate activities consistent with social norms, and contribute to improving the quality of life of people around the world.

Customer Satisfaction

The OKI Group is dedicated and committed to developing and providing products and services that ensure continued customer satisfaction, in full consideration of safety and ease of use.

Fair Corporate Activities

The OKI Group conducts business with partners in fair and non-discriminatory ways and works to ensure transparent, and free competition.

Good Communication

The OKI Group engages with society through a variety of interactions, and discloses company information in a timely, appropriate and fair manner

Intellectual Property and Information Management

The OKI Group recognises the importance of intellectual property, and properly manages and protects company and customer information, including personal information.

Respect for Human Rights

The OKI Group respects the human rights of all persons involved in its corporate activities and eliminates illicit discrimination of any kind. It does not allow child labour nor forced labour.

A Better Working Environment

The OKI Group ensures and maintains a safe and comfortable working environment for all employees.

Respect for Employees

Respecting the individuality of each employee, the OKI Group creates a corporate culture in which its personnel are encouraged to deal with challenges facing the group with courage and determination.

Environmental Conservation

In order to realise and help maintain a better global environment, the OKI Group promotes environmental management and makes efforts to conserve the environment through its products and its business activities.

Social Contribution

As a good corporate citizen, the OKI Group implements social contribution activities dedicated to the overall improvement of society.

Regional Awareness

The OKI Group endeavours to build a positive relationship and grow together with local communities, respecting the cultures and customs of the countries and regions in which it operates.

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