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File Size 11,566,669 Byte
File Name OKI_MXMLion_DHC_eu_A1_020001_29935.dmg
Category Printing Driver
Program Version 2.0.1
Products C8600
Operating System OS X 10.10; OS X 10.9; OS X 10.8; OS X 10.7; Mac OS X 10.6; Mac OS X 10.5
Languages English; French; German; Italian; Spanish


1. Double click on the downloaded file icon for installation.
2. The disk image will be mounted on a desktop.
3. Launch the program by double clinking the icon in the disk image.


Only either CMYK or K can be specified for black printing.
Please use [Setup] panel for duplex printing.
If [True Black (K)] is specified at [Black Finish] in [Color] panel, it is not concerned with a setup of [Always create 100% Black (K) Toner] of the "Job Options" panel, but is always printed with a black (K) toner.

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