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Cease Your Lease

Do you really need to lease a copier or printer?






If you think leasing your copier machine is going to cost your business less, it's time for a rethink. Locking your business into inflexible long-term leasing and service contracts could cost your business more money and saddle manpower with unnecessary administrative work.

Stop leasing contracts for your office copier or printer

A lease is a contractual agreement that calls for the lessee (user) to pay the lessor (owner) for use of any asset. It is quite common to find businesses that do not own office assets such as their copier machines or printers. This means that at the end of the contract, the lessor (financing company or owner) can take back the equipment at the end of the lease period, otherwise the user is made to pay a lump sum of money so that the user may keep using the machine or transfer its ownership.


Depending on the contractual agreement, the lump sums can vary but generally speaking, the value of the monthly lease payments should determine the amount to be paid at the end of the contract. Often, the user ends up paying more for a lease as compared to an outright purchase.

Stop copy-charge and complicated service contracts

When it comes to service contracts (or service-maintenance contracts) for copy-charge based schemes, such contracts can be difficult to understand but beneficial to the parties involved in the agreement. It all depends on the details within the contract and the actual usage.


However, for many small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), printing may not be their expertise nor their primary focus when it comes to business costs. As such, their lack of knowledge puts them in a disadvantageous position when deciding on their service contracts.


A copier sales person might inadvertently propose a service contract that is not suitably tailored to the business needs, which means that the business owner might unknowingly end up paying more over a period of three to five years. In fact, this same business could be better off by just purchasing toners or replacing parts through the vendor (OKI), paying exactly for what it uses.


After signing a service contract with a dealer, the dealer is expected to support the business for a period of time as stipulated in the contract. However, things can get complicated when the service support of the dealer falters.


When a dealer does not fulfil its end of the agreement or if it goes bust, the customer is often left stranded. Such interruptions can be disruptive to business and can cause losses. When dealers provide poor service to clients, sometimes by supplying non-original parts or consumables to customers, this affects the quality of the customer's printouts and the reliability of the machines. In some cases, dealers may even deem it unprofitable to service a particular customer and thus starts to neglect the customer.


In all the above scenarios, customers might sometimes try to switch dealers, however this could prove to be difficult to do so because a service contract had already been signed. Customers thus find themselves locked in for a period of time and forced to bear with many inconveniences.

With no service contract and by paying for what they use, businesses can eliminate uncertainties and keep things simple so that they can focus on their main tasks.

Stop additional paperwork and complicated "offers"

Take into consideration the overall picture of your business. Sometimes it looks like a service contract might save your business some money, however many forget the amount of time and effort that is needed for going through complicated contracts or on deciding whether it really is a good offer or not.


With service contracts, leasing contracts and monthly meter readings and billings, all these additional items just add to an unnecessary bulk of paperwork that could weigh on business owners and slow business down. For small and medium sized businesses, this could be a problem as they might not have the time or resources to handle the undue paperwork.

So why not keep it simple? Purchase a printer outright and just pay for what you actually use.

With the MC873dn, it's just better for business.

MC873dnv - Added trays for paper capacity of 2005 sheets (80gsm)

The high capacity MC873dn A3 colour multifunction printer is the ideal solution for businesses that want a better cost-saving option. This printer serves your everyday office needs, without wasting time or resources. Standard configurations available - MC873dn / MC873dnct / MC873dnv. 

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