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The wide carriage ML5721 9-pin dot matrix printer is ideal for high-speed spreadsheet and report printing, racing through up to 7-part forms and lists at print speeds of up to 700 characters per second (cps).


Combining super-fast print speeds with flexible paper handling, the 136-column wide-carriage ML5721 dot matrix printer delivers fast, reliable multi-part forms printing and consistent, high duty high-performance. Energy-saving features and long-lasting ribbons help to keep running costs low while the durable design and ability to manage heavier papers and labels make it ideal for printing in a wide range of demanding environments.

Super-fast throughput - Rapid print speeds, powerful alternative to slower devices

The ML5721 dot matrix printer powers through a range of documents at rapid print speeds of up to 700 characters per second (cps), making it ideal for busy commercial environments. Multiple emulations enable easy set-up when replacing slow or failing printers.

  • 136-column dot matrix printer
  • Super-fast 700cps print speeds
  • Races through up to 7-part forms and lists for faster transactions.
  • Microline, Epson FX and IBM PPR compatibility
  • Simple, ‘clean hands’ ribbon changing

Flexible paper handling - Prints up to 7 copies simultaneously, optional heavy media and labels

Feeding both cut sheet paper and continuous forms, the 136-column ML5721 dot matrix printer is ideal for high-duty applications including receipts, invoices, picking lists, spreadsheets and a range of other documents on single or multi-part paper. Optional push and pull tractor units also feed heavier papers and labels.

  • Four paper paths handle cut sheet paper and continuous forms
  • Print single or multi-part papers up to 7 copies
  • Optional push and pull tractor units load two different media types and feed heavier papers and labels

Low running costs - Long-life ribbons and power-saving technology keep costs low

Equipped with super-long-life ribbons and in-built energy-saving technology, the cost-effective ML5721 dot matrix printer keeps running costs low.

  • Super-long-life ribbons (13million characters)
  • In-built power-saving technology consumes just 1.5W in Sleep Mode

Long-lasting - High-durability, ideal for a wide range of commercial settings

Built to last and withstand the strains of challenging commercial environments, the reliable ML5721 features a long-life 9-pin character print head and has a long mean time between failures (MTBF) rate of 25,000 hours.

  • Operates in challenging environments
  • Long life 400 million character print head
  • High MTBF rate of 25,000 hours

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