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The ML3410 is a powerful device designed to handle the most data-intensive applications. High print speeds are combined with superior copy capability and durable 9-pin print head, delivering reliable performance.


The powerful, dependable, ML3410 9-pin dot matrix printer handles data intensive applications with ease. Featuring impressive copy capabilities, the high performance device produce up to eight multi-part copies at any one time with the flexibility of three paper paths and super fast print speeds of up to 550 characters per second (cps).

Super fast - High print speed of 550 characters per second (cps)

Powerful and reliable, the 9-pin ML3410 handles data intensive applications at high print speeds.

  • 136 column dot matrix printer
  • Super fast print speed of up to 550 cps
  • High mean time between failures (MTBF) of 8,000 hours (duty cycle 25%, page density 35%)

Easy to use - Ideal for shared business use

Featuring parallel and serial interfaces as standard, the ML3410 is ideal for busy office teams including purchasing, distribution, accounts, finance and IT departments.

  • Centronics parallel interface, Serial RS 232C, Dual interface
  • Epson FX, IBM ProPrinter XL emulations
  • Choice of typefaces and fonts including HSD, Utility, NLQ-courier, NLQ-Gothic, Barcodes, OCR-B

Heavy duty printing - Made for heavy throughput and varied paper stock

Combining three flexible paper paths, the ML3410 is ideally suited for businesses that need heavy duty throughput on a variety of paper stock.

  • Efficiently prints on continuous paper of 76 – 406mm and continuous envelopes of 239 x 102mm
  • Autoload single sheet, paper parking, rear push tractors, metal long life tear-off bar included as standard
  • Optional pull tractor and bottom push tractor paper feeding

Multiple copies - Efficiently produces up to eight multi-part copies

The high performance ML3410 produces up to eight multi-part copies at any one time, without compromising clarity or print quality.

  • Multi-part continuous forms handling (original + 7 copies)
  • Highly durable 9-pin print head

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