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The wide carriage 136 column ML5791 24 pin dot matrix printer offers versatile paper handling, impressively low power consumption, high 576 characters per second (cps) print speed and the ability to manage heavy media, making it perfect for high-duty applications.


Ideal for printing customer-facing documents such as receipts, invoices, dispatch notes and spreadsheets on single or multipart paper, the super-fast, wide-carriage 136 column ML5791 dot matrix printer delivers rapid print speeds of up to 575 characters per second (cps). Fast throughput, a powerful 24-pin print head and the ability to manage heavy media make it perfect for high-duty applications where presentation and print quality are essential.

Speedy results - Rapid output at print speeds of up to 576cps

The high-performance ML5791 dot matrix printer flies through up to 6-part forms and reports at print speeds of up to 576 characters per second (cps). Multiple emulations make it a seamless, straightforward replacement for slow or failed printers.

  • Impressive 576cps print speeds
  • Epson LQ, IBM PPR and IBM AGM compatibility

Versatile paper handling - Flexible configuration manages a wide range of paper and media

Producing high-quality documents on single or multi-part paper with up to 6 copies, the flexible ML5790 dot matrix printer features front, top, bottom and rear paper input paths. An on-board tractor feed unit can be front or rear-mounted, providing versatile paper handling. Optional push and pull tractor feed units allow two different media types to be loaded simultaneously and feed of heavier papers and labels.

  • Prints single or multi-part papers up to 6 copies
  • Four paper paths handle cut-sheet paper and continuous forms
  • Continuous paper width of 76.2 – 406.4mm
  • Easy-to-use operator panel

Professional presentation - Robust printer, high-quality 24-pin document presentation

Combining robust design suitable for a wide range of environments a with fast, high-quality 24-pin print head, the efficient, ML5790 dot matrix printer reliably creates a wide range of  professional customer-facing documents including receipts, invoices, dispatch notes and spreadsheets on single or multipart paper.

  • 24-pin print head produces sharp, detailed text
  • Resident scalable fonts improve presentation and speed
  • Comprehensive range of built-in fixed pitch fonts, scalable fonts and barcodes
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 25,000 hours

Eco-features - Energy-efficient technology minimises running costs

Packed with super-long-life ribbons and energy-efficient technology, the high-performance high duty ML5790 dot matrix printer minimises energy use and running costs.

  • 13 million-character long-life ribbons keep running costs low
  • Consumes just 1.5W in Sleep Mode

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