Print Cost Management



This utility software lets you manage printing restrictions for users and devices and also compile data on when and who prints in what volume. Managing print volume restrictions and printing history makes it possible to control and limit excessive printing and unauthorized printing of personal data, for example, which can help reduce printing costs and raise user awareness.

Print Restriction Function

Print Restriction Function image
Printing privileges can be set to authorized or not authorized for users, documents (file names) and other categories. Color printing privileges can also be set to authorized or not authorized in the same way. Printing restrictions may be set all at once for multiple users or devices. This makes it possible for restrictions to be set that allow, for example, the general affairs department to print from any device and the accounting department to print only from devices installed in that department. The function also enables maximum limits to be set on print volume (number of sheets printed, etc.) for each user and device.

Cost Calculation Function

Printing costs can be calculated for each department and user. Accurately tracking individual costs makes it possible to precisely allocate budgets and implement cost-cutting measures in line with the characteristics of different business processes.

Print History Function

Print History Function image
This function allows you to compile job log information including printing dates, user names, number of sheets and paper size. Job logs can also be outputted as CSV files, which allows them to be utilized with off-the-shelf spreadsheet software.

Device Management Function

Print volume, usage of toner and other consumables, and paper size errors and other status information can be collected and compiled, and the results can be displayed on your screen or sent via email.
Device Management Function image

Active Directory Link

This function enables use of user information on Active Directory, so the initial registration process can be conducted smoothly even if there are large numbers of users. In addition, the information is periodically synchronized to reduce the management and maintenance workload for users and user groups.

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