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In the extremely competitive retail industry, mission-critical environment, interrupted transactions causes lost sales opportunities. Space saving in store front is critical, and back-office space must be minimized. Continuous need for operating costs reductions, increases profitability. Increased in-store traffic created by marketing activities. Ease of use of peripheral devices. OKI Data provides support for the difficult challenges faced by the retail industry with a lineup of durable, space-saving, multifunction printers and solutions that help meet retail’s needs. Retail companies typically acquire printed materials, such as signage, in large production quantities. However, when there is a need for small quantities, or in on-demand basis, it can take time to delivery and higher costs. With printers and multifunction printers from OKI Data, various printed materials can be created in-house, on-demand bases, because the printers are capable of handling wide variety of media, poster board and various paper sizes such as from B8 size to long-scale. They are also capable to print bright, highly visible colors, so images can be created to inspire customers to make purchases.

Need for durable, space-saving printers and multifunction printers that pursue mission-critical status

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Retail stores use a variety of marketing materials such as in-store Signage POP displays, shelf tags, shelf labels, flyers, tags and coupons. When a printer goes down it can directly lead to lost sales opportunities. Mission-critical requires that things are always working, and this is demanded of all devices used in the retail. In addition, in the retail industry it is common to not have adequate back office space, so not taking up too much space is almost as important as mission-critical. The retail industry requires durable, compact printers and multifunction printers that can be installed just about anywhere. 

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Printers and multifunction printers use a variety of printing methods. The LED printers and multifunction printers developed by OKI Data have rows of many LEDs, and images are formed by each LED turning on and off and by the relative strength of the light when they are on. This allows the printers to have a structure without any moving optical parts. In addition, as a result of utilizing this LED method, we’ve successfully reduced the distance to the photoconductive drum, which has allowed us to achieve a simple method for the paper feed and a highly compact device body. Thanks to this simple structure, OKI Data printers and multifunction printers are very durable and it is easy to replace consumables and maintenance parts, so it is rare for our printers and multifunction printers to be out of commission for an extended period of time.

Create appealing signage POP displays on-demand with printers and multifunction printers compatible with poster board

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Standard POP displays require high-quality images that attract the customer’s eye, accurate expression of brand colors, and sizes and paper thicknesses that match the location and application. It has been typical for store headquarters to create POP displays all at once and then distribute them to each store. Recently, however, with consumer trends diversifying, the retail industry has been attempting to shift its POP marketing from the masses to the individual and promote the characteristics of specific regions and individual stores. Retail chains with stores spread out across a broad geographic area also lose time delivering printed materials ordered at one time, which has been another issue. What is needed is on-demand printing capable of printing small, highly varied lots so that the appropriate displays are placed in the appropriate locations.

<OKI Solution>

OKI Data provides on-demand printing environments for in-store printing of POP displays, shelf labels and other materials with highly precise print quality that sharply reproduces small fonts and fine lines, which is also a feature of LED printers, and with media compatibility that allows printing on poster board as large as 360 g/m². We can also make various adjustments based on individual client needs, such as to ensure corporate colors are printed in unique tones. Our solutions are provided to accommodate the varied needs of the retail industry.

Print up to poster size; reduce total costs through in-house production using on-demand printing

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Printing posters and other large signs has typically involved deciding on the design and then submitting the order to a printing company for the designated quantity. In printing small-lot, large-variety materials in a timely manner, the time required for the production process and from print completion to delivery to each store has been an issue. There is the need in the retail industry to reduce total costs and increase business efficiency through in-house production using on-demand printing to print the quantity that is needed onsite.

<OKI Solution>

OKI Data offers printers capable of printing even in large A0 size. Installing printers not only at chain headquarters but also at area sites or at each store, for example, or by creating a dedicated printing subsidiary, and then using on-demand printing to print POP displays and posters in-house can help reduce total costs while also saving time. In addition, OKI Data printers can not only print in large sizes like A0, our lineup is also capable of printing single sheets as small as B8 size. Further, we also offer options such as post-print cutting and lamination.

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