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OKI Data provides printers, multifunction printers and optimal solutions to meet the needs of the medical industry, which include reducing total costs associated with printers and multifunction printers, installing printers and multifunction printers that take up less space, and printing medical images with appropriate accuracy. 

OKI Data offers a broad product lineup for the varied work processes of clinics and hospitals. Our printers have a simple structure that uses LED technology to drastically lower the potential for malfunction and make it possible for customers to maintain the printers themselves. These two factors allow OKI Data to reduce the total costs associated with printers and multifunction printers in the medical industry. 

The simple structure using LED technology makes it possible for us to manufacture highly compact printers and multifunction printers, and allows customers to select the optimal printers and multifunction printers for their particular application and installation location. 

For example, OKI’s DICOM printer, which conforms with the international DICOM standard for medical image formatting and transmission, can print medical images in direct communication with medical imaging devices, so installation, operation and management are simple. Further, it can also be used as an LED color printer for office work, so medical institutions can create highly convenient printing environments while saving space. 

Going forward, OKI Data will further expand its printer and multifunction printer lineup and continue to provide optimal solutions for the varied printing issues that hospitals and clinics face.

Introduction of each optimal solution

Assess and reduce printing costs, including annual maintenance costs that tend to increase significantly due to having printers and multifunction printers from multiple manufacturers

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Medical institutions use a broad range of printed materials. They output reception forms, print copies of electronic medical records and test order forms in examination rooms, and output prescriptions and drug information sheets in dispensaries. Not many manufacturers however have a broad enough product lineup to accommodate this variety, so medical institutions are often forced to use printers and multifunction printers from different manufacturers, which means costs for consumables and maintenance are incurred for each manufacturer.

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OKI Data has a broad product lineup to accommodate a hospital’s many work processes and print sizes. We offer color multifunction printers for reception and accounting, where insurance cards are copied and receipts printed, compact multifunction printers for examination rooms, and printers and multifunction printers capable of high-speed color printing for meal cards. OKI Data’s broad product lineup can handle the large variety of work processes and print sizes at hospitals for optimal configurations of printers and multifunction printers. 

OKI Data’s proprietary technology using LEDs has made it possible to create simple, durable printer structures. Moreover, we offer a five-year free warranty on maintenance parts (Japan only), so there is no need for regular or annual maintenance contracts, which is the case with competitor products.

OKI Data helps reduce total costs associated with printers and multifunction printers and contribute to raise operational efficiency while meeting the printing needs of hospitals in line with their various workflows.

Raise Work Efficiency by Installing Durable, Space-Saving Printers and Multifunction Printers

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When printers and multifunction printers have paper jams or other malfunctions, it becomes impossible to output reception forms and test order forms, which can also slow down related work processes. Most small and medium-sized clinics don’t have an IT manager, so it is often the examination room nurses who have to fix the printer or multifunction printer, or the clinic has to wait for the manufacturer to come perform maintenance. This is why medical facilities need compact printers that rarely malfunction and are easy to maintain and that can be installed even in examination rooms where space is tight.

<OKI Solution>

OKI Data’s proprietary LED technology makes it possible for our printers to have simple structures with few electronic moving parts. Paper jams and other malfunctions are exceedingly rare, and even if they do occur, it is easy to get the printer up and running again, so our printers effectively reduce the burden on busy medical professionals. In addition, the simple structure allows for compact models, which provides for greater flexibility in installation location.

Meet Needs Related to Documents that Explain Informed Consent to Patients


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Different countries have different medical systems, but every country gives special importance to informed consent, which is the process of providing adequate explanations to patients before medical actions are performed. 

Medical images from medical imaging devices such as X-rays, CTs, MRIs and ultrasound play an important role in helping physicians present information to patients in a way that is easy for them to understand. Hospitals and clinics have to print out medical images as a tool for providing patients with more effective explanations. Using an external DICOM printer server incurs costs because it is necessary to have a separate server environment and perform maintenance and management and because additional server software licensing fees are generated when there are changes in the usage format. In addition, image quality adjustments take time, and print quality may change or deteriorate depending on the server software, the printer driver, the printer type and the various adjustments made. There are many issues that need to be solved in connection with printing medical images, but there is the need to output medical images as a tool for providing patients with more effective explanations.

<OKI Solution>

OKI Data has developed a high-speed color LED printer that is DICOM-compatible and capable of networking directly with medical imaging devices (modalities). OKI’s DICOM printer is easy to set up—the user just registers the static IP address and connects it to the network—so no costs are incurred for printer server installation and no time is spent making image quality adjustments. And, even if there is an increase in the number of modalities connected, there are no additional licensing fees. High-speed, high-quality toner printing is performed on paper media with the tandem LED method, so medical images can be printed in color or monochrome with good fastness and at low costs compared to conventional methods. This prevents the patient from having to wait for the printer to output the information and allows the physician to write a detailed explanation directly on the medical image to accurately convey the information to the patient and family members, a practice that helps raise medical quality.

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