Installing a Driver and Software to a Computer

Install the printer driver, scanner driver, fax driver, etc. from the "Software DVD-ROM" to the computer.

Other utility software can be installed at the same time.

For Windows

Connect the machine and computer via a network or USB cable and start installing.


Check the status of this machine before installing.

  • This machine is turned on.

  • For network connection, this machine is connected to the network via a LAN cable and required information such as IP address is already set.

  1. Insert the included "Software DVD-ROM" into a computer.

  2. When [Auto Play] is displayed, click [Run setup.exe].


    If the [User Account Control] dialog box is displayed, click [Yes].

  3. Select a language from the drop-down list.

  4. Read the license agreement, and then click [Accept].

  5. Read [Environment advice], and then click [Next].

  6. Select [Network] or [USB connection] in accordance to the connection method of the machine and computer, and then click [Next].

    If the [Windows Security Alert] dialog box is displayed, click [Allow access].

  7. Select the model name of the machine, and then click [Next].

  8. Click [Install Optional Software].

    Installation starts.


    The following software is installed.

    • PCL6 Printer Driver (Including Network Extension and Color Swatch Utility)

    • Scanner Driver

    • ActKey

    • FAQ

    Install other software from Custom Install.

    Installing Software

  9. Make sure that the software is successfully installed, and then click [Printing Test].

    Select the printer for test printing, and the click [Printing Test].

    Make sure that the test printing was successful, and then click [OK].

  10. Click [Complete].

  11. Click [Next].

    If the following dialog box is displayed, click [Yes].

  12. Click [Exit].

For Mac OS X

This section describes how to install the PS printer driver and scanner driver.

For installation of utilities, see the following.

Installing Software

Install the Mac OS X scanner driver

  1. Make sure that the machine and a computer are connected and the machine is turned on, and then insert the included "Software DVD-ROM" into the computer.

  2. Double-click the [OKI] icon on the desktop.

  3. [Drivers] > [Scanner] > Double-click [Installer for OSX].

  4. Click [Continue].

  5. Check that the displayed content, and then click [Continue].

  6. Read the license agreement, and then click [Continue].

  7. Click [Agree].

  8. Click [Install].

    To change the driver installation location, click [Change Install Location].

  9. Enter the administrator name and password, and then click [Install Software].

  10. Click [Continue Installation].

  11. Click [Restart].

Install the Mac OS X PS printer driver

When the installation is complete, print a test page in step 15.

  1. Make sure that the machine and a computer are connected and the machine is turned on.

  2. Insert the "Software DVD-ROM" into a computer.

  3. Double-click the [OKI] icon on the desktop.

  4. [Drivers] > [PS] > Double-click [Installer for OSX].

  5. Enter the administrator password, and then click [OK].

    Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

  6. Select [System Preferences] from the Apple menu.

  7. Click [Printers & Scanners].

  8. Click [+].

    Select [Add Printer or Scanner...] when the menu is displayed.

  9. Click [Default].

  10. Select the machine, and then make sure that [OKI MC563 PS] is displayed for [Use].

    Types of Names

    Displayed in the Connection

    Methods List


    OKI-MC563 (last 6 digits of MAC address)






    To change the name, enter a new name into [Name:].

  11. Click [Add].

  12. If [Installable options] is displayed, click [Continue].

  13. Make sure that the machine is added to [Printers] and [OKI MC563 PS] is displayed for [Kind].


    If [OKI MC563 PS] is not displayed for [Kind] correctly, click [-], delete the machine from [Printers], and then newly perform steps 8 to 12.

  14. Click [Open Print Queue...].

  15. Select [Print Test Page] from the [Printer] menu.