Connecting with WPS

If a wireless LAN access point supports WPS, you can easily connect to the wireless LAN with the easy setup button (WPS button).

  1. Check the position of the WPS button by referring to the instruction manual that is included in a wireless LAN access point or other document.

  2. Check that the wireless LAN access point starts and is operating properly.

  3. Turn the machine on.


    Check that the screen displays "Do you want to Set-up wireless?" and [Yes] is selected, Press the (OK) button and go to step 6.

  4. Press the (SETTING) button.

  5. Press the or button repeatedly to select [Wireless(Infrastructure) Setting] and press the button.

  6. Enter the administrator password on the administrator password entry screen, and then press the (OK) button.

    The factory default administrator password is "999999". If the administrator password is changed, enter the updated password.

  7. Check that the screen displays the "Cannot be used simultaneously with wireless (AP Mode)." message for several seconds and [Enable] is selected on the [Please enable/disable wireless (infrastructure)] screen. Press the (OK) button.

  8. If your environment requires to set IP address, etc. manually, check [Network Setting] is selected and press the button. If you do not need to set manually, go to step 12.

  9. Press the button to select [Manual] and press the button.

  10. Follow the onscreen instructions to set the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and DHCP v6.

  11. When the setup is complete, press the (OK) button.

  12. Press the button once to select [Automatic Setup(WPS)] and press the button.

  13. Check that [WPS-PBC] is selected, and then press the button.

  14. Check that [Yes] is selected on the [Execute push-button method?] screen, and then press the (OK) button.

    The machine starts searching for wireless LAN access points. When the screen displays the "Running pushbutton method..." message, press and hold the WPS button on the wireless LAN access point for several seconds.


    You cannot operate the panel when WPS is in progress.

    When the "WPS connection successful." message appears on the screen, the setting of the wireless LAN is complete.


    • If the "Connection failed. Timeout" message appears, repeat the procedure from step 8.

    • [Overlap] is displayed when multiple WPS push buttons are pressed almost at the same time at two or more wireless LAN access points and connection is not established. Wait for a while, and then try again.

  15. If the antenna mark is displayed at the top right of the home screen, the connection is established correctly.


    The antenna mark may not be displayed on some screens such as the copy top screen.