Before Using Scan To E-mail

If the machine is set up from [Easy Setup] > [E-mail Setting], skip Before Using Scan To E-mail. If the information is not set, set up in the following procedure.

  1. Check the information related to E-mail following the steps in "Checking the Setting Information".

  2. Press the (SETTING) button on the operator panel.

  3. Press the button to select [Easy Setup] and press the (OK) button.

  4. Enter the administrator password, and then press [Enter].


    The factory default password is "999999". If the administrator password is changed after installing the machine, enter the updated password.

  5. Press the button to select [E-mail Setting] and press the button.

  6. Press [Next].

  7. Follow the onscreen instruction to enter the information checked in Step 1.