Deleting the Registered Information

Delete the information about the machine that is registered in Google Cloud Print by following the procedure below.

  1. Check that the machine is connected to a network.


    If you delete the information with the machine connected to a network, the registration information on the Google Cloud Print administrator screen is also deleted at the same time.

    The Google Cloud Print administrator screen (

  2. Press the (SETTING) button on the operator panel.

  3. Press the or button to select [Google Cloud Print] and press the button.

  4. Check that [Delete Registered Information] is selected, and then press the button.

  5. Enter the administrator password, and then press the (OK) button.


    The factory default administrator password is "999999". If the administrator password is changed, enter the updated password.

  6. Check that [Yes] is selected on the confirmation screen, and press the (OK) button.

  7. The message telling the completion of deletion is displayed on the display screen.