Printing with Google Cloud Print

Set when to start printing when the machine receives print data from Google Cloud Print.


  • Set the Google Cloud Print function before using Google Cloud Print.

    Google Cloud Print

  • The print quality may not be the same as when printing with the printer driver or printing from the machine.

  • PDF files with transparency effects applied may not be printed correctly.

  • Encrypted PDF files may not be printed.

When the machine receives the print data, it is automatically printed.

  1. Check that the machine is turned on.

  2. Start an application that supports Google Cloud Print from a computer or mobile device.


    Google Cloud Print supports Google Chrome, Gmail, Google Drive, or other applications.

  3. Tap the wrench icon or the drop-down list in the application, and then select [Print] from the displayed drop-down list.

  4. Select the registered machine on the displayed screen.

  5. Set the printing settings, and then print.


    • To print, use the Google account that you used to register the machine in Google Cloud Print.

    • To print with a different Google account, you must set the [Share] settings that are provided by the Google Cloud Print service.

Print manually if you cannot print automatically or you want to print immediately after receiving data.

  1. Check that the machine is turned on.

  2. Press the (PRINT) button on the operator panel.

  3. Press the or button to select [Google Cloud Print] and press the (OK) button.

  4. Check that [Yes] is selected on the confirmation screen, and press the (OK) button.

  5. If the print data exists on the Google Cloud Print service, printing starts.


    To print manually, set [Using Cloud Service] to [Enable] or [Pause].

    For details on [Using Cloud Service], refer to "Checking or Changing the Use of Cloud Service Settings".

To change printing settings, select [Option] on the printer selection screen that is displayed when you print from a supported application.

You cannot change printing settings from the machine.

To cancel during printing, cancel from the machine.

Cancelling a Print Job

To cancel before printing, delete a print job from the management screen of Google Cloud Print.

The Google Cloud Print administrator screen (