Loading Paper in the Tray

The procedure when loading paper in Tray 1 is used as an example.

The same procedure applies to Tray 2/3 (optional).

For details on available paper, see "About Paper Types That Can be Loaded".

  1. Pull the paper cassette out.

  2. Slide the paper guide (a) to the width of paper to be loaded.

  3. Slide the paper stopper (b) to the length of paper to be loaded.

  4. Fan a stack of paper well, and then align the edges of the paper.

  5. Load paper with the print side face down.


    Do not load paper above the "" mark on the paper guide.

  6. Secure the loaded paper with the paper guide.

  7. Replace the paper cassette into the machine.

    Push the paper cassette until it stops.