Printing Data in USB Memory

You can connect USB Memory to the printer and print saved data.


  • Not all USB Memory is guaranteed to use. (USB Memory with security functions are not supported.)

  • This machine does not support USB 3.0.

  • USB hubs and external USB HDDs are not supported.

  • Encrypted PDF files are not supported.


  • The following file systems are supported: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32.

  • Supported file formats: PDF(v1.7), JPEG, PDF, TIFF(v6 baseline), XPS, PRN (PS, PCL, XPS)

  • Up to 32 GB USB Memory is supported.

  • Up to 100 files in supported file formats that are saved in USB Memory are displayed in the file list.

    • If 100 or more files are saved in USB Memory, the file list is not displayed properly.

    • USB Memory with a directory structure of 20 or more levels may not be read properly.

    • A file path exceeding 240 characters may not be read correctly.

  • You can print one file in USB Memory at a time.

  1. Insert USB Memory into the USB port.

  2. Press [Print] or the (PRINT) button.

  3. Press [Print From USB Memory].

  4. Press [Select Print File].

  5. Select the folder that has the file you want to print.

  6. Set printing settings if necessary.

  7. Press the (START) button.

  8. When a message is displayed to inform you that you can remove USB Memory from the port, remove it.

Cancelling a Print Job

To cancel a print job from USB Memory, press the (STOP) button on the operator panel.

You can cancel a print job until a message is displayed to inform you that printing is complete.


The pages that are ready to be printed on this machine will be printed without changes.