Updating the Printer Driver (Mac OS X)

Check details on the latest driver on the Web site.


You must log in as the administrator to perform this procedure.

  1. Download the printer driver from the Web site.

  2. Double-click the downloaded file, then double-click the installer in the disk image displayed on the desktop.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

  4. Select [System Preferences] from the Apple menu.

  5. Click [Printers & Scanners].

  6. Click [+] and select [Add Printer or Scanner...] when the menu is displayed.


    If the machine is already shown in [Printers], select your machine, and click on [-] to delete. After this, click [+].

  7. Click [Default] and select the machine, and then select [OKI C542 PS] in [Use].

  8. Click [Add].

  9. Make sure that the machine is added to [Printers] and [OKI C542 PS] is displayed for [Kind].


    If [OKI C542 PS] is not displayed for [Kind] correctly, click [-], delete the machine from [Printers], and then newly perform steps 6 to 8.

  10. Close [Printers & Scanners].